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Merger and Acquisition Advisory

Our Merger and Acquisition advisory team has advised some of the largest multinational corporations on a variety of strategic initiatives. Our network of experts has a wide array of industry knowledge and provide all types of corporate and financial advisory services along with a significant range of transaction execution capability.

CHB Skyline utilizes over 25 years of experience providing hands-on involvement in business and financial services to our clients, through our network of relationships. Some of our capabilities include:

• Identifying and structuring investment opportunities
• Raising capital through direct investment or private equity participation
• Consulting/Directing via board position or advising on Strategic Initiatives
• Positioning the company for a timely and successful exit
• Balance Sheet Advice & Restructuring
• Bank & Other Credit Relationships

• Business Plan Development & Review

• Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking and Review
• Equity/Debt Capital Fundraising
• Guidance on Financial Structures
• Internet Adaptations
• Investment Advice
• Strategic Marketing Initiatives
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Valuations

Dana Corporation



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International Decision Systems

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