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J. Pankaj Tuli
Managing Partner of CHB Skyline

Mr. J Pankaj Tuli is currently the Managing Partner of CHB Skyline. Pankaj has 20 years of strategy and operations experience  working with public and private companies in launching products, evaluating, structuring, and investing in private investments and real estate. He has advised companies on a wide range of topics, including business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, investments, divestitures,and the liquidation of complex technology assets. JP has also assisted clients with operating-model redesign, technology development,product launches, and pricing and packaging initiatives. Mr. Tuli holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Systems Engineering from Boston University and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Recent Work

Converged Services New Product Launches
Launched $2B of new products for a Fortune 50 Company serving 31 million customers with four national lines of business.

Product Line Improvements
Managed national cross-functional teams to implement new product planning, pricing, and packaging strategies which have resulted in significant improvements in revenue, customer retention, and customer satisfaction.

Investment Expansion
Advised real estate private equity investors on their strategic and financial long-term capital allocation plans. Assisted in geographic expansion and created market entry strategies for distressed asset acquisitions. Underwrote and evaluated $750M of distressed RE investments in East Coast markets.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
Assisted a Fortune 100 auto parts supplier in selling its financial services business unit to the largest U.K.-based leasing software provider. Created buy-side product line rationalization plan for a major media acquisition.

Asset Purchase and Sale
Significant experience developing strategies to buy and sell corporate assets, combining product lines, and simplify and execute buy side and sell side go-to-market plans for growth-oriented small and medium sized businesses. Industries include: financial services, telecom, media, advertising, healthcare, real estate, auto parts, robotics, and industrial equipment.

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